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Philosophical Practice
Philosophy for life. Dialogues with a philosopher - where the guests theme are in focus.
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Philosophical Café
A conversation in plenum, animated by philosophers, where wonder, and the will to participate in a common reflection on the chosen theme, to try to reach an answer, is important.

Socratic Dialogue
A conversation within a fixed group of people. Very well suited to discuss fundamental questions about, for instans, values, meaning, and more.

Lectures about...
Lectures for congregations, open and closede participatin; pure techinical philosophy, and more generall orinted lectures. A lot of themes!

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Bro til himmels

An important source of inspiration is the philosopher Socrates (470 -399 AD). As philosoper Socrates was critical to the ones who said they had knowledge. In place of this he valued the importance of seeking new knowledge, and of always reflecting on known truths.

Plato (427 -347 AD), draws a very favourable image of the conversations Socrates participated in. Here he contributes by asking questions which stimulates his dialogue-partner to think for himself.

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