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About Anders Holt - my background

Very short: Born in Oslo, 1965. Living with Jenny Maria, have a daughter, Johanne Maria Vilje.

My Philosophical Practice
I have a Philosophical Practice, where I engage in dialogues with guests, animate philosophical Cafés, facilitate Socratic Dialogues, write, have courses, do ethical analysis, lectures, and what not.This is my Philosophical CV (sorry only in Norwegian so far)

Education ...
I have a "magistergrad" in philosophy (8 years) from University of Oslo, and combined with a two years education in Philosophy in Practice from the Norwegian society of Philosophy in Practice, and also have been trained as a facilitator in Socratic Dialogue.

I also have one and half year in sociology, plus a one-year exam in each of the following subjects, Political Science, History of Ideas, and History of Religion.

Working ...
Have worked as copywriter for Real Deal (New Deal) advertising bureau, Been manager of communication i NRK Aktivum, Content Manager in Nextra, and at present I am working as editor in chief for the web pages of Telenor Business Communications. The common thread for all these positions is that they all involves communication, both on strategic, tactical and operational levels, and that they involves communication with the individuals.

In addition I have had a number of jobs besides my studies, as bartender, philosophy teacher, consultant philosopher, and what not.

When you have a family ...
You are in need of steady income - and for that kind of work to have meaning, it has to be executed in the best possible way, both for my employer, and for me.

At the same time the activity that are closed to my heart - ex animi sententia - is precisely the things you can read about on these pages. Here is a picture of me.

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