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This is the pages of Anders Holts Philosophical Practice. They are created in a febril attempt to get himself a better set of pages than tha last set he had. Has it helped?

Here you will find
The services I offer as a free philosopher, and after a while, though perhaps only in norwegian, sorry, more semi philosophical content, like a philosophical diary, texts, lectures, books, and more

How I created these pages:
This is how I created these pages: They are coded manually with the fantastic text-editor [Textpads homepage] - extremely powerful, without in any way interfering with your code. After some rounds with MS Frontpage, this an attribute i value dearly.

The pages are optimized for:
Opera and MS Explorer. The pages uses CSS, which means that some older browsers may have problems rendering them.

The pages are made after the specifications of HTML 4.01:
Click the icon, if you wonder what that is! Valid HTML 4.01

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